Statement From the Reimagine LIPA Campaign on the NYS Legislature’s Failure to Pass the LIPA Public Power Act

As the 2024 New York State legislative session ended, the LIPA Public Power Act (A.8894A), introduced into the NYS Assembly on January 26, 2024, remained bottled up in the Senate. Had it been enacted, it would have implemented the recommendation of the Commission on the Future of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA Commission) to convert LIPA management to full public power, managed directly by the LIPA Board and Long Island’s ratepayers and communities.

The failure of the Legislature to enact the bill is significant, because LIPA’s current contract outsourcing the utility’s management to PSEG expires next year. Without the enabling legislation to make the transition to fully public management, when PSEG’s current contract is up LIPA will either have to renew it, or outsource its management to another private third party. 

See the full statement at LIPA Public Power Not Passing This Session.

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